In the FUT procedure, the donor area of the scalp is shaved and follicular unit grafts are excised individually, using a 0.8mm to 1mm ‘punch’.
The procedure can be carried out manually or using a motorised surgical tool.
With multiple FUE procedures, more dot scars are accumulated and the hair in the hair in the donor area is gradually thinned out. This is why there is a limited amount of donor hair, which means that surgeons and patients must take care to ensure that there is adequate donor supply for a long term plan.

Advantages of FUE :
No linear scar – FUE has the benefit of avoiding the linear scar left by FUT. Individual follicular units are taken, leaving only tiny dot scars which are barely noticeable to the naked eye. This makes it good for those who wish to return quickly to strenuous activity.

Ability to wear hair short – Because of this minimal scarring FUE is particularly suitable for people who like to keep their hair short, such as a number 1 or number 2 haircut. Even a number 0 cut is possible.

Good for relatively small transplants – FUE may be suitable for younger patients or those who only require a relatively small number of grafts in the hairline.


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