Dimple Creation

Young girl wants to have dimples on her both cheeks without having scar on face. Procedure was done under local anaesthesia. She was satisfied with the result.

Breast Augmentation

Patient with small size breast wants to have bigger breast with good projection which is fulfilled by surgery using silicone implant.


Adult male depressed with his enlarged chest (male breast) wants to get rid of it. Liposuction done as day care procedure. His confidence is boost up following surgery & now he is happy.

Breast Augmentation

This is patient who had completed her family had loose hanging breast. Wants to have good projection with natural look. Breast augmentation was done using silicone implant .There is no visible scar over breast.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Patient having bulky abdomen with midline infraumblical scar of previous cesarean section. Liposuction with tummy tuck was done to get rid of it.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Patient has undergone liposuction with tummy tuck for bulky hanging abdomen with visible striae marks. The well healed scar mark is very low in bikini line.

Breast Reduction

Patient having cervical pain & skin problem due to enlarged heavy breast. Breast reduction was done as surgical procedure .Very faint scar is visible after 3 months.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Adult patient wants to have correction of nose deformity. Dorsal hump reduction & tip correction was done .There is no external visible scar.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Front view for patient with loose abdomen. Liposuction with abdominoplasty was done with creation of neoumblicus. Scar is well hidden in bikini line.

Accessory or Ectopic Breast Tissue

Accessory Breast Tissue is relatively common congenital condition in which abnormal breast tissue is seen in addition to the presence of normal breast tissue. This variant can present as a mass anywhere along the course of embryonic mammary streak (axilla to inguinal region ) but the most common location is axilla & is usually bilateral. Ultrasound shows Breast Tissue indistinguishable from regular breast. TREATMENT & PROGNOSIS:- Treatment is either for cosmetic reasons or if associated with pain , discomfort etc Treatment is liposuction sos surgical excision The ectopic breast tissue has been found to have a higher propensity to develop cancer & that too at an early age..

Outer thigh fat or Saddlebags

Outer thigh fat or Saddlebags are accumulation of extra fat in outer thigh region which gives you a pear shaped body instead of desired hourglass figure This fat deposition is more common in females Sedentary lifestyle with lack of physical activities long sitting job profile without much body movements unhealthy diet are some major factors resulting in this condition Liposuction is easy & common solutions / treatment to it


Whether your ear lobes have been stretched, torn, or damaged due to trauma or heavy earrings, we have the solution to restore their natural shape and appearance.
Using advanced techniques, we carefully repair and reconstruct the ear lobes, ensuring minimal scarring and optimal results. Our personalized approach means that each procedure is tailored to your unique needs and desired outcome, leaving you with natural-looking, symmetrical ear lobes.
Regain your self-assurance and feel comfortable wearing your favourite earrings once again. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about our ear lobe repair services and start your journey towards rejuvenated ears.

Vitiligo Treatment

Our cosmetic surgery procedures offer innovative solutions to help minimize the appearance of vitiligo patches and restore a more uniform skin tone.
Using state-of-the-art techniques, we carefully blend pigments to match your natural skin colour, effectively camouflaging vitiligo-affected areas. Whether you seek partial coverage or full-body treatment, we customize each procedure to suit your unique needs and preferences.
We understand the impact vitiligo can have on self-esteem and quality of life. That's why we're dedicated to providing compassionate care and delivering natural-looking results that empower you to feel comfortable and confident in your skin once again.
Take the first step towards renewed confidence and self-expression.

sebaceous cyst

sebaceous cyst is common problem.. can be removed with almost invisible scar


keloid is thick scar which is usually due to skin injury.. particular areas are prone to keloid formation which includes Ear lobule, chest , should etc... some patients are prone to keloid formation but exact cause is not known & so treatment is difficult with chances of recurrence.. early treatment & prevention is key...

arm lift

arm lift also known as brachioplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that can improve the appearance of your upper arm... it involves removal of excess fat & tightening of upper arm skin from axilla to elbow which cannot be removed by diet & exercises..